It takes at least five times the time and expense to acquire a new customer as it does to keep a current one. Your website can be a great tool for providing on-going customer service and support as well as achieving significant cost savings to boot! To acquire a new client base, it is crucial in your e-business web strategy to think through all the possible audiences for your website, and all the ways in which you might interact with them. Interactive websites have proven to be most effective to ensure visitor engagement with your company.

Every page of your website should have a strategy, and be clear about inviting visitor interactions to achieve your goals. Your website will be designed to maximize visitor interaction and provide tools to allow visitors to become participants rather than just visitors. This might include requesting a catalog, asking for technical support or signing up for a newsletter. Maurer Website Design will also create obvious text links and invitations to visitors, which will make it easy for them to contact you.

With a strong marketing and advertising background, Maurer Website Design develops websites with your company’s goals in mind. Thus, your objectives are executed in a manner that most complements your established brand by creating powerful messaging and strong visuals that sell your product or services to the targeted demographic. Whatever your purpose for publishing to the web, we design your website to ensure a positive return on your investment by using WordPress plugins as a marketing tool to further extend your reach and online presence.

According to e-mail marketing best practices, recipients must sign up or “opt in” to receive marketing promotions via e-mail, such as a newsletter. Businesses that distribute unsolicited e-mail blasts may have their domains flagged as spam. This practice can also annoy or aggravate potential customers.

To offer various opportunities for blog visitors to “opt in” for newsletter subscriptions, we can add WordPress newsletter subscription plugins. Maurer Website Design offers consultation of E-mail Campaign Strategies by using these plugins to grow readership and e-mail databases for the client’s website and/or blog.