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A short synopsis of the company can really help set the scene and avoid any assumptions or guess work later down the line. 

What is the current URL for your website or web store?
What domain name do you intend to use for this site project?
If you currently own this domain name, where is the domain name registered?
If not, do you need Maurer Website Design to register your domain?
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If not, do you need Maurer Website Design to be your host server?
Do you have a method of accepting credit cards?
How do you describe your organization/business in one sentence?
What three words describe your organization/business?
What makes you unique?

Aims and Objectives: 

Good design can be extremely influential in helping an organization achieve its marketing aims. To ensure success the designer needs to know what the aims and objectives are and clear goals need to be determined. The aims and objectives section should explain what you hope to achieve by having a website. Objectives should be listed in descending order of importance, and kept to the point.

Tip: Think long term. Will your objectives change in the future? If so you might want to build some flexibility into your site.

What is the primary purpose of your site?
What is the secondary purpose?
If a visitor spends two minutes on your site, what three things (in order of priority) do you want them to know?
What is the primary audience you are reaching out to?

Branding and Identity: 

The information provided in this section will be used to help create one cohesive visual style with your existing publicity materials and/or previous web projects.
Do you have a company logo?
If not, would you like Maurer Website Design to create one for you?
Does your company have official colors as part of your identity?
Are there any colors that should be avoided?

Design Specification: 

Are there specific site features that you would like to see included or carried over from your existing site?
Any special icons and/or placement (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.)?
Do you have a phone number or email address to handle customer inquiries? If so, please list:
Any special shipping message you would like displayed?
Do you accept all major credit cards?
Do you accept PayPal?
The best place to look for inspiration in web design is obviously the Internet. There are millions upon millions of sites online, with many more being added each and every day. If you take the time to look closely you will easily be able to pick out the styles and functionality you like and dislike.

Tip: Try to keep in mind that you’re only looking for ideas and not a template to copy.

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Why do you like this site?
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