Maurer Website Design’s process is a collaboration with our client as we work with their designated contact person through every step of the design process. Our many years of experience have taught us keeping the client in the “development loop” is the most efficient way to manage a project, so everyone knows the status of the project at any given time. The first phase of the project begins with a kick-off phone conference to gather information from the client. Based on our discussions, we then choose an assortment of WordPress premium templates, allowing us to narrow our design focus more accurately to what the client wants us to do. We will then customize the appearance to their specifications by editing the PHP and CSS. This will give the website’s front-end a unique and elegant “look and feel” by incorporating the client’s logo, color scheme, font treatment, photography and other branded elements to the website.

Next we establish the architectural hierarchy of the website with efficient and “user friendly” navigational menus, allowing users to find what they’re looking for quickly.  We collaborate with the client to present the pages in the most appealing way by writing rich informational content and creating dynamic images to highlight the capabilities of thier company in order to take advantage of the web as a marketing tool. We review their existing marketing materials and examine competitive sites to develop an eye-catching design not only to compete with the industry-standard but also to out-shine the competition!

Upon client approval of a final design and navigation, we will integrate the design into secondary page templates for client’s approval. Simultaneously, we will begin coding the home page, and post it on our test servers as a prototype. Upon approval of secondary page template and assuming that client has completed all site text, we begin final construction of the website, formatting the text and creating any images or elements as specified by client.

The final phase consists of making final edits, changes, corrections, etc. as specified by client. In addition, we will be adding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) code to the website, as specified by client.