Maurer Website Design conceptualizes advertising strategies by combining a sophisticated knowledge of marketing, sales and advertising with strong design and production skills into creative concepts to attract attention and increase sales while strengthening the established branding. With this combined expertise in a variety of disciplines, we can successfully coordinate your company’s visual identity with it’s marketing. In the current economic climate, using advertising through your website to attract attention and increase sales of your product, business or service is highly effective and quite cost-efficient. By testing and measuring results, Maurer Website Design works with our clients to determine what advertising method works best to promote their company’s qualities and advantages while strengthening their established branding:
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Contextual Ads

These are ads are related to the content of your site and are displayed on your website. Currently, the most popular of the contextual ad is Google Adsense and probably all you need. Maurer Website Design can implement these ads for you. The bonus is as your website traffic grows so will your income.

Affiliate Ads

When you become an affiliate for a certain product or service, you receive a commission whenever you “refer” a sale. Sales are referred by your readers clicking on a banner ad or a text link ad taking them to the company’s website. Remember: The quality of the affiliates ads you choose for your website has a direct reflection on your company so it serves you well to choose high quality products and services. When you find products and services you believe are good quality as well as your readers would be interested in, you will seek to join their affiliate program. Once you join the program, Maurer Website Design will help promote their product by adding a banner ad in your sidebar.

Another option is to promote affiliate products directly on your website pages or blog posts. This can be more effective because you can give a description and personal recommendation of the product. In this case, Maurer Website Design would link to the product using your affiliate link.

The affiliate program’s provider does all the tracking of sales and will usually send you payments automatically and electronically.

Ad Networks

These are networks that work as a middleman. They secure the advertisers and you provide the advertising space on your website. When you sign up with any of these ad networks, Maurer Website Design will obtain their ad code and place it in the sidebar text widget.

They will keep track of all sales and will usually pay you monthly either through ACH, PayPal or a check.

Direct Ad Sales / Sponsorships

This setup is where you secure the advertisers or sponsors. You are responsible for setting your rates, invoicing and tracking payments. Maurer Website Design will set up the coding of the ads whether they are a text links or banner ads and place it in the sidebar text widget.

Selling Your Own Products or Services

When promoting products and services you want to sell personally on your website, then Maurer Website Design will design the text or banner advertising to go along with it. We will place the promotion for your products and services on your website pages, blog postings or your sidebar with text widgets.