WordPress is a web software platform to create and design a beautiful, professional website or blog through highly customizable templates. For the past year, Maurer Website Design has been reviewing our clients’ websites to determine who would be good candidates for their websites being transitioned to and redesigned in WordPress. Our evaluation revealed to us WordPress is highly beneficial for everyone, including our own corporate websites (Maurer Graphics, Maurer Website Design and Castagne Graphics)! The WordPress custom solution will not only fit the current needs of our clients, but will allow for a wide variety of possibilities for expansion of services and features in the future. The upside is many, and we have yet to encounter a downside.

Like all  corporate marketing materials, a professionally designed website provides a branded and memorable experience for the target market. The quality and aesthetics of the website’s design has direct impact on visitors’ perception of the company and its’ value proposition. Maurer Website Design develops the website’s “look-and-feel” to appeal to the client’s target market. The website’s design will provide visitors a memorable branded experience. Just let us know what you envision, and we can create the perfect site!

Maurer Website Design has a long history in website design and development, making us uniquely qualified to successfully design your site. Call (201) 414-0102 or e-mail us to get a customized proposal!

Feel confident that we will be your full-service consultant on the scope of the website design from project commencement through website launch and beyond! Consider us your in-house Creative Services department … without the overhead! We will provide on-going post production consulting services on the basic and more advanced activities for promoting your website to ensure maximum traffic and exposure.

WordPress Case Studies – Coming Soon!