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  • Professional Website Designs
  • Fast Loading Pages with Optimized Images
  • Effective Website Navigation
  • Interactive Websites
  • Targeted Audience, Positive Results
  • Browser Compatibility
  • User Compatibility
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Post Production Website Consultation

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Full-Service Website Design & Development Consultants

Feel confident Maurer Website Design will be your full-service consultant on the scope of the project — from website conception through final launch — and well beyond! Consider us your virtual Creative Services department by eliminating the overhead!

We offer maintenance/upgrade services for existing WordPress websites and blogs. You may have done as much as you can to get your WordPress website up and running, but you need a little help to finish the job. Or you may need help using all the features that […]

Professionally Designed Websites

Like all your corporate marketing materials, a professionally designed website provides a branded and memorable experience for your target market. The quality and aesthetics of your site’s design has direct impact on visitors’ perception of your company and its’ value proposition.

We will develop the website’s “look-and-feel” to appeal to your target market. The site’s design will provide visitors a memorable branded experience. The design will be modern, fresh and sophisticated as you envision it. We will review your existing marketing materials and examine competitive […]

Fast Loading Pages with Optimized Images

Quick loading pages are unique to Internet Marketing. Studies have indicated time and time again that the number one reason for losing visitors is slow loading Web pages. Maurer Website Design takes extra care to ensure your web pages download quickly — by optimizing images and pages for speed — while still providing an impressive and positive browsing experience.

Effective Website Navigation

Navigation is another feature unique to Internet Marketing. Websites offer a medium that allows your target market to click where they want to go. Poor navigation is the second most common reason for losing web traffic and customers. If you don’t have intuitive navigation, they’ll leave without finding all you have to offer.

Maurer Website Design recognized how crucial effective web navigation is to your visitors and takes the effort to ensure that they get to where they want to go fast, while maximizing visitor […]